• We approach architecture seriously, but with little regard for the texts that substantiate its existence. We heed the rhetoric and the philosophies and understand that in doing so therein belies the creation of a Paradox. Architects and Architecture are steeped in a history of brilliant theoretical treatises and languages that convolute and persuade the viewer into understanding and or seeking that which may not necessarily exist, but to the initiated it provides for discourse that remains unending in seeking logical conclusions and substantive interventions and justifications of built form. It can all be a bit of a farce really, but in truth it provides for an underlying set of guidelines that quite often provides the solution and that uniqueness people so often seek in a project.

    We see ourselves as somewhat practical in our resolve to give to the client the building which they so desire, require or need, and it can be that diverse, in both the emotional attachment (input) to a project and the practical description of requirement. We profess to know everything, but really know nothing, for each new endeavour is the beginning of a new landscape, a new set of guidelines and a thoroughly different set of requirements. The brief for a project can be a many varied thing, from simple Council regulation dictating a buildings envelope through to a clients prized collection requiring permanent display space, but the one thing that we try to keep paramount is that it is not really buildings we are dealing with but with people, their lives and the environment they live in.

    Living can be many things, we can be Green, Minimalists, Modernists, Romanticists, Fundamentalists, Consumerists........., the list is endless, the World is pluralist, and we need to be Multidisciplinaryists. We are not racists but hate fake Federationists. We like to have fun. We love garden and landscape, food and wine, beaches and mountain air; we love the New and respect the Heritage.

    Sounds like life and really that’s all it is.

    We see ourselves as disseminators of stuff, we filter all those years of ideas and dreams into a practical solution, we translate simple requests and suggest perhaps something a little special.

    T.A.N.K. Architectural Design Studio
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